Fitness Center FAQ

Do I really have to be 50 to join Fifty ‘n Fit?

Individuals may join in the calendar year that they will turn 50; spouses may join if one member of the couple is 50.

Can older adults, including those with medical issues, really exercise enough to make a difference?

ABSOLUTELY! Come by any time and ask us how we would design a program for you!

I’m concerned about osteoporosis. Are there safe exercises that I can do?

There are very important exercises that the person with bone loss really would be wise to do; and there are exercises that are truly dangerous and the person with osteoporosis should never do. We love to teach all that is important to know about exercising safely, posture correction, balance and fall prevention, the very significant value of strength training, and everyday body mechanics (lifting, sitting, moving safely) for the person with osteoporosis or osteopenia.

Do men get osteoporosis?
Yes they do, though the incidence is less than for females. We want to make sure men know all the important safeguards and smart things to do, too!
If I join Fifty ‘n Fit, am I committed to a long-term contract?
No, there is no contract. You may drop your membership without any hassles and at any time.
If I have questions or need help with my workout program, will I have to pay a trainer for help?
We love to help our members! If you were to ask our current members why they are at Fifty ‘n Fit, they would probably say it’s because of the personal attention they receive. We have a fee structure for training time of a half-hour or an hour, but we like to emphasize to our members that anything short of a half-hour is on us (no charge) – and we can provide a lot of encouragement and instruction in up to a half hour!
Will I have a hard time finding a trainer in the gym if I need help?
Our trainers are very nice, very approachable, and very knowledgeable. And we always have a trainer “on the floor” and are happy to make ourselves available to our members.