Fitness Center Services

Our focus at Fifty ‘n Fit is safe and appropriate exercise for a 50-year-old and above population. Every exercise program is designed for the individual. We all have different needs, weaknesses, areas of tightness, medical and orthopedic issues to work on, and personal goals that certainly should be pursued. Every exercise performed in the gym should relate to real-life movement patterns and real-life activities. That is what we refer to as functional exercise.
Services available at Fifty ‘n Fit:

  • Regular fitness center memberships – single and couple memberships
  • Exercise consultations for members and non-members [see Consultations]
  • Personal training sessions
  • Osteoporosis Education Program -- a four-part education series. Call for info and schedule.
  • Balance Training and Fall Prevention four-part education series. Call for info and schedule.
  • Posture evaluations and instruction
  • Transitions Lifestyle System® weight loss program
  • Periodic lectures on timely and pertinent topics
  • A variety of high quality exercise and therapy items for sale [see Items For Sale]
We sell a number of items that we have found over the years to be very helpful to our customers. We hope you will find what you’ve been looking for at Fifty ‘n Fit! We have access to many other items; feel free to ask if there is something you have been looking for.

Helpful Items For Sale

Call (505) 271-9616 for more details and current pricing on any of the items listed.

  • BIOFREEZE Pain Relieving Gel and Spray (gel available in 4 oz. tube, 3 oz. roll-on, 16 oz., 32 oz. and 1 gallon pump bottles, and the new spray in 4 and 16 oz. bottles)
  • Cold/Hot Packs (6”x10” and 9”x12” sizes. Great packs – economical and long-lasting)
  • Door Loops (Great for anchoring your exercise bands and tubes at home and when traveling)
  • Tennis Elbow Straps (The Epi-Lock is a great design that works very well)
  • Exercise/Stability Balls (The Gymnic Slow-Deflate ball is the very best we’ve come across. 55cm & 65cm are the most common sizes and we're happy to order larger and smaller balls)
  • Exercise Tubing (4 resistance levels, with handles)
  • Foam Rollers (6”x36” full and half rollers - great for stretching, massaging, core training – available in soft and firm)
  • Foot Massage Balls (Heavenly, energizing, and very helpful for the plantar fasciitis sufferer)
  • Hand Exercise Balls (Available in varying resistance levels, handy and effective)
  • The Original McKenzie Lumbar Roll (Truly the original, very high quality foam, doesn’t bottom out like many others)
  • The Original McKenzie Cervical Roll (Turn your everyday pillow into a cervical pillow)
  • The Original McKenzie AirBack (Great for travel, fits in a pocket or purse. Make that flight or car trip so much more comfortable)
  • McKenzie SlimLine Lumbar Roll (Sometimes more comfortable for the smaller person)
  • McKenzie Night Roll (A unique design for maintaining normal lumbar curve while sleeping)
  • NutraMetrix Nutritional Supplements (Pharmaceutical grade, third-party tested, very high quality supplements; readily absorbed because they are taken in isotonic form)
  • Rocker Boards and Balance Boards (A variety of balance tools available)
  • Seat Wedges (Movin’ Sit Posture Wedge- improve your sitting posture, works great in a car seat)
  • Shoe Inserts (Great for that foot that needs a little propping up but doesn’t require a custom orthotic)
  • Shoulder Pulleys (For rehabbing that tight shoulder)
  • Sacroiliac Belts (The SI-LOC for the unstable sacroiliac joint)
  • Slo-Mo Balls (These are fun little balls with a great tactile feel, ~8” diameter, that can be used for a variety of exercises)
  • Stability Trainers (An “unstable” pad to stand on provides effective stimulus for improving your balance, 3 levels of difficulty)
  • Stretch-EZ (Effective design for plantar fasciitis stretches and for stretching other areas)
  • Stretch-Out straps (A well-designed stretching strap with loops)
  • Stretching Wedge (A great, simple device for calf stretching. Appropriate for plantar fasciitis)
  • Thera-Band (Yellow, red, green, blue typically stocked)
  • Walk Tall! Book (Excellent. By physical therapist, Sara Meeks, full of exercises and important tips for people with osteoporosis)
  • Walking Sticks/Trekking Poles (Great for hiking; often better than the typical cane for people needing a little additional stability)
  • And many other items can be ordered. If you are having difficulty finding a special item, give us a call or come by.

Not sure you're interested in a gym membership?

With George Fraser, PT

Important information for the exerciser – both the novice and the experienced:

  • Osteoporosis and Exercise – Do's & Don'ts
  • Beginning an Exercise Program
  • Exercise Program Design
  • Turning on Core Strength for Improved Posture
  • Adding Balance Training to Your Exercise Program
  • Body Mechanics and Back Safety
  • Strength Training Is So Important!
  • Include A Flexibility Program In Your Exercise Routine
  • Is Agility Training Important For Me?
  • Keep It Fresh – Variety In Your Exercise Program
  • And many others!  

Please call 505-271-9616 for more information or to schedule a consultation.