Fitness Center

Gym Membership Information

New members begin their program with a “Start Up.” The Start Up consists of 3 sessions of approximately an hour and a half each. The purpose is to bring new members in with a great start, making them comfortable with where things are and what to do in the gym, and with a program designed specifically for them based on their medical/orthopedic history and their personal goals. Members pay a monthly membership. There is no annual fee and there is no contract. Please give us a call at 271-9616 for specific details.

Fitness Services

Our focus at Fifty ‘n Fit is safe and appropriate exercise for a 50-year-old and above population. Every exercise program at our health club must be designed for the individual. We all have different needs, weaknesses, areas of tightness, medical and orthopedic issues to work on, and personal goals that certainly should be pursued. Every exercise performed in the gym should relate to real-life movement patterns and real-life activities. That is what we refer to as functional exercise.

Services available at Fifty ‘n Fit:

  • Regular fitness center memberships – single and couple memberships
  • Exercise consultations for members and non-members [see Consultations]
  • Personal training sessions
  • Posture evaluations and instruction
  • Osteoporosis education and exercise program
  • Periodic lectures on timely and pertinent topics
  • A variety of high quality exercise and therapy items for sale [see Items For Sale]

Testimonials – Fitness Center

“I got lucky.  A string of events and conversations turned me on to Fifty ‘n Fit.  Physical therapists own and run it.  Since joining this gym I have not hurt myself as I had at previously attended gyms.  It’s a small, intimate place.  Friendly, welcoming.  I highly recommend Fifty ‘n Fit.” - Diane

“I’ve been exercising here since 2000—it’s been a GREAT experience and really helps with my hiking and everyday activities.  I plan to continue as long as I can.” - Orman

“Very experienced and professional staff.  Clean, friendly and supportive atmosphere.  Comfortable environment even for the person new to exercising.” - Vicki

“Fifty ‘n Fit has a very knowledgeable and friendly staff.  There is a constant infusion of innovative and inspiring programs.  The surroundings are comfortable.  In short, this is a great and safe place to maintain and improve one’s health.” - Bert

“Joining F & F was the wisest decision I ever made.  I’ve been coming here 5 days a week for eleven years.  I’ve lowered my blood pressure, cholesterol and jeans 3 sizes; strengthened my arthritic knees so that stairs are no longer a problem; am stronger, more flexible, and enjoy excellent health at age 72.  The staff are pros: they provide as much individual attention as we wish.  The atmosphere is friendly, relaxed and non-competitive; classes are educational, beneficial, just hard enough, and fun.” - Judy