Physical Therapy at Fifty 'n Fit


First, we must be sure to point out that we treat all ages in our physical therapy practice; we love our young athletes and we love our older patients (and everyone in between)!
What’s special about Physical Therapy by Fifty ‘n Fit? Our belief is that, 1. Our patients should be treated by physical therapists only (we have no aides or technicians providing care), 2. Their therapist needs time to effectively assess and provide for their specific needs. Therefore, we schedule only one patient per treatment period to allow adequate time for that patient. The result? Fewer trips to PT needed, and great results, 3. The option of continuing supervised exercise in a medically based, physical therapist-owned and operated fitness center after discharge from therapy improves long term carryover and success, and 4. Very highly skilled and experienced therapists with a focus on patient education and functional rehab make for very good, effective, long-term results.

Testimonials – Physical Therapy

“I feel 100% better.  Couldn’t ask for more!” - A.S.

“Awesome therapy – working one on one with Lisa made a world of difference. She showed creativity, intelligence, and commitment in treating my issues.” – D.V.

“I felt so cared for and had confidence I would get better as soon as I met Paula. I have told everyone and my doctor how wonderful this therapist is in every way." -

“The first words that I think of when trying to describe Pat are THE BEST. She is competent, caring, professional, and friendly with excellent communication skills. The staff at Fifty ‘n Fit are all efficient and friendly. – P. & J. W.

“Diana (receptionist) is very professional, accommodating, and cheerful. Lisa is caring and puts so much effort into her work – very professional and dedicated to her work. Can’t say enough – she’s the best. Thank you so much.”  – S.M.