Physical Therapy FAQ

Do I have to be 50 years old to come to Fifty ‘n Fit for physical therapy?

No you do not. We treat all ages in our physical therapy practice.

Will my insurance pay for physical therapy?

Most insurances will pay as long as your physician has written you a prescription for physical therapy and your diagnosis is appropriate for physical therapy intervention, and you have good potential to make significant improvement with physical therapy.

If my doctor has told me to come to Fifty ‘n Fit for my physical therapy, how do I know if my insurance will pay for it there?

We are providers for most insurances: Medicare, All Presbyterian plans, All Blue Cross Blue Shield plans, TRICARE/TriWest, Mutual of Omaha, and others. If you will call us with your insurance information, we are happy to call your insurance provider to find out exactly what your benefits are as they relate to outpatient physical therapy.

My doctor has told me I need physical therapy. How do I go about arranging it?

Just give us a call and we’ll take it from there. Dial 345-8050.

How might I know whether I would benefit from physical therapy?

Physical therapists are highly educated, licensed, and have expertise in treating musculoskeletal and neurologic problems. Common examples include neck and back pain, including disc-related back and leg pain, spinal stenosis, postural issues, muscle irritation and pain; shoulder problems like rotator cuff injuries, shoulder impingement, painful and limited movement, rehab following shoulder surgery; knee injuries, knee pain, post-operative rehab after knee surgery; foot and ankle problems including postoperative rehab; hip problems, post-operative rehab after hip surgeries; and a wide range of sometimes hard to figure out pain and movement problems. In summary, physical therapists are skilled at assessing and treating a wide range of neuro-musculo-skeletal (nerve, muscle and other soft tissue, bone and joint) problems.